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ANSTO's material scientists honoured

Defence Materials Technology Centre honours achievements of two ANSTO collaborators.

Two ANSTO scientists, Michael Saleh and Dr Inna Karatchevtseva were among distinguished young researchers and long-time collaborators honoured by the Defence Materials Technology Centre (DMTC) at the 2019 Awards for Excellence held on 26 March 2019. ANSTO received three out of five awards that were announced. 

Michael Saleh DMTC Award

Saleh, (pictured above) a senior structural engineer, received two awards for his leadership and contribution to the development of advanced and innovative modelling and testing regimes that will improve the safety and functionality of next generations of defence equipment platforms.

His work on DMTC projects over nearly a decade was recognised, including previous contributions to blast and shock models for land vehicles and his current efforts to develop and validate modelling that will improve an understanding of the operational longevity of navy ships. 

Dr Inna Karatchevtseva (below right) was recognised for her contribution to the partnership with Thales Australia to develop an Australian supply chain for critical components of submarine sonar transducer equipment.  


The Head of Research at ANSTO, Dr Suzanne Hollins said, “We have many outstanding scientists and engineers but it is especially gratifying when the recognition comes from a partner like DMTC.

Although their contribution is not often in the limelight, the attention is well deserved and a reflection of its significance.”

CEO Adi Paterson was among 250 guests who attended the awards ceremony.

“I am incredibly proud of Michael and Inna, who, on behalf of ANSTO, make an ongoing contribution to enhancing Australia’s defence capabilities. Michael uses theoretical modelling techniques that are leading to the development of advanced defence materials as well as predicting the operational life of engineered components,” said Paterson. 

“Inna has specific expertise in the complex ecosystem of supply chain working with an industry partner—from product development to delivery in order to improve the efficiencies, control costs and mitigate risks.”  

DMTC CEO Dr Mark Hodge thanked ANSTO for the partnership and said, “These awards are about acknowledging the quiet achievers and putting a spotlight on work that is proving to be significant now but will be an even bigger contributor to Defence’s capability edge in the future.

“In Michael Saleh’s case, we have an embodiment of the strong outcome-focus that is so evident right across the teams that make up the DMTC community. His absolute focus on collaboration – on leading a multi-disciplinary team to achieve collective goals – is to be commended.”


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