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Neutron scattering instruments

Neutron scattering instruments

There are 15 neutron beam instruments, which are classified as diffractometers, small-angle spectrometers imaging and reflectometry instruments and inelastic spectrometers; other instruments and support facilities.

Fifteen neutron beam instruments are either operational or being commissioned at the new OPAL reactor. ANSTO expects to add more instruments in future.
Other instruments and a suite of sample-environment equipment allows studies at different temperatures, pressures and magnetic fields.  Scientific references are available for most instruments.


  • ECHIDNA High-Resolution Powder Diffractometer 
  • WOMBAT High-Intensity Powder Diffractometer
  • KOALA Laue Diffractometer
  • KOWARI Strain Scanner
  • PLATYPUS Neutron Reflectometer (with horizontal sample) 
  • QUOKKA Small-Angle Neutron Scattering 
  • TAIPAN Thermal Neutron 3-Axis Spectrometer
  • KOOKABURRA Ultra Small-Angle Neutron Scattering 
  • PELICAN Time-of-Flight Spectrometer 
  • DINGO Neutron Radiography/Imaging/Tomography
  • SIKA Cold Neutron 3-Axis Spectrometer 
  • BILBY 2nd Small-Angle Neutron Scattering Instrument
  • EMU High-Resolution Backscattering Spectrometer 
  • JOEY Neutron Laue Camera for single-crystal alignment

One instrument in transfer from overseas to ANSTO

  • SPATZ 2nd neutron reflectometer (with vertical sample)

Sample Environments

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Other Instruments and services

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